Dog in a cage in Southeast Asia

Stolen. Killed. Eaten.


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Cats in a cage

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Victims of the Trade

Acts of unbelievable cruelty are happening throughout Southeast Asia. Every day in Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam, pet dogs and cats are stolen from loving families, leaving their owners desperate for their return. The animals are captured and then taken to slaughterhouses and markets to be brutally killed. The dog and cat meat trade also poses serious human health risks as it encourages the spread of rabies and other deadly illnesses.

Cat in a cage

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Saved dog


on the dog and cat meat trade in the Southeast Asia

Saved dog

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Dog in Southeast Asia

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Saved dog with FOUR PAWS staff member

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Dog in a cage in Southeast Asia


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Dog in a cage in Southeast Asia

Stop the dog And Cat meat trade

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Dog in a cage for the DCMT in Indonesia

Dog Slaughterhouse Owner in Indonesia Sentenced to 12 Months in Jail for Trading in Stolen Dogs for Human Consumption

This is the third conviction of a dog meat trafficker since the national government’s declaration in 2018 that 'dogs are not food'

Dogs in thick sacks with mouths tied, Borneo 2021

An Investigative Report into the Trade of Dogs for Meat in Indonesia

FOUR PAWS released a new research publication, October 2021

Rescued Dog

20 Dogs Who Took Their Freedom Flights to the US Have Found Forever Homes

All the dogs who took their freedom flights to the US have found their forever homes

Dog in a cage

Closing a House of Horror for Dogs in Cambodia

Together, we have saved millions of dogs from slaughter

Dogs in a tiny cage at a slaughterhouse

Rescue 61 Dogs

Cambodian government steps up against the horrible dog meat trade and calls FOUR PAWS to help take care of the rescued animals 

FOUR PAWS team with a rescued cat

For the First Time FOUR PAWS Closes a Cat Meat Restaurant and Slaughterhouse in Vietnam

25 animals rescued before brutal slaughter in the country’s so-called cat meat capital

Dogs Daisy and Apollo

1 Million Act to #ProtectMillions!

Petition to end the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia reaches milestone

Dogs in a small cage awaiting slaughter

Two Million People Unite to End the Dog and Cat Meat Trade

We have reached a huge milestone, and we want to thank each and every one of you

A Global Stand Against the Dog and Cat Meat Trade!

A Global Stand Against the Dog and Cat Meat Trade!

Two Million Signatures show immense support to end the dog and cat meat trade worldwide

Stray puppies in Southeast Asia

World Rabies Day 2023

FOUR PAWS supports Vietnamese authorities with rabies vaccination drive


FOUR PAWS Calls Upon the US and UK to #ProtectMillions

Today, global animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS launched its most ambitious campaign action yet, to end the dog and cat meat trade in Vietnam

Campaign to end the dog and cat meat trade

Campaigners and A-List Actors Celebrate as Jakarta Bans Dog Meat Trade

Authorities ban trade to tackle rabies and animal cruelty

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