Cat in a tiny cage

Travel Companies Pledge to #ProtectMillions 

A big step to end the dog and cat meat trade


Over 10 million dogs and cats – many of them beloved pets – are stolen, killed, and eaten each year across Southeast Asia for the dog and cat meat trade.  

As well as being one of the most devastating forms of animal cruelty in the world today, we should also be deeply concerned about the impact the dog and cat meat trade has on local communities, and national economies in Southeast Asia. 

FOUR PAWS has been at the frontline of ending this horrific trade in Southeast Asia, whether through rescuing and rehabilitating dogs and cats; or working with slaughterhouse owners caught in a terrible system of cruelty due to poverty, to close down the slaughterhouses and provide them with a new livelihood.

We are all now acutely aware of the risk of the spread of viruses to humans from unregulated, cruel live animal markets due to COVID-19. The dog and cat meat trade poses a significant risk of spreading diseases to humans due to the unsanitary and brutal conditions the animals are kept in after capture, the sheer scale of the trade, the mixing of wild and domestic species at markets and the cross-border transportation of animals for sale and slaughter. Before the dog and cat meat trade becomes the source of the next pandemic – killing millions of people and bringing entire industries and even countries to a halt - we need strong and unified steps to bring about desperately needed change.   

So this is why FOUR PAWS has joined forces with the global travel industry. Much of Southeast Asia is reliant on international tourism, an industry that has been shattered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, we are uniting our voices to speak up not only for animals, but also local people and tourists who want an end to the dog and cat meat trade.

So far, 24 travel companies and trade associations from around the world have signed our Travel Industry Pledge to #ProtectMillions from the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia. And the list is growing every day! Find out more! 

“Working with FOUR PAWS, we want to protect dogs and cats, ensure our customers are protected from related human health risks, and help influence an end to the trade. We stand united to protect millions of tourists, communities, and animals from the dangers of the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia”

– The FOUR PAWS Travel Industry Pledge

We are thrilled that many companies and associations who, like us, love Southeast Asia, have joined our campaign. We want to see the region continue to thrive as a tourist destination. Working together we will be able to influence the governments of Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia to introduce and implement laws to end the dog and cat meat trade for good.  

Do you know someone working in the travel industry who would want to join our global movement? You can support our campaign by letting them know about our dedicated website that provides information on the dog and cat meat trade for travel industry professionals 

Become a leading brand in the protection of tourists, local communities and animals in Southeast Asia.

Already over 1 million compassionate supporters around the world have signed our petition calling on the Governments of Southeast Asia to take action. Now we have some of the world’s leading travel businesses on our team too. 

This is the first step we are taking together, but we will keep you updated as our journey continues!