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The Dog and Cat Meat Trade causes so much suffering and poses so much danger – to animals, their owners and the general public. FOUR PAWS continues the fight against the trade every day as part of creating a kinder world.

Below are some of the videos we have created during our fight, which show the consequences of the trade, as well as a few of our victories. Please watch and share these videos to learn more about the trade and to let people know it must end.

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Pet owners speak out against the cat meat trade in Vietnam

Every year in Vietnam, over one million cats are stolen for the brutal cat meat trade. Cat owners throughout the country live in constant fear of having their cats snatched and killed for their meat, a dish that goes by the name "Little Tiger". The Cats Matter Too Coalition led by FOUR PAWS, Change for Animals Foundation, Paws for Compassion, Vietnam Cat Welfare, Hanoi Pet Rescue, and Save and Rescue Dogs and Cats Saigon is working to put an end to the suffering of both cats and their owners.

Vietnam’s Cruel Cat Meat Trade

Every year in Vietnam, over one million cats, many of them stolen pets, suffer in an illicit trade fraught with incredible cruelty for their meat. FOUR PAWS and Change For Animals Foundation (CFAF) commissioned the first ever nationwide investigations into Vietnam’s cat meat trade to uncover the inner workings of the trade, the findings of which were shocking.

Second Cambodian dog slaughterhouse closure

In October 2020, FOUR PAWS was able to permanently shut down another dog slaughterhouse in Cambodia. 15 dogs were rescued in the very last second before being slaughtered. All of them survived even though some of them were suffering from severe injuries and traumas. FOUR PAWS supported the owners of the facility in finding another business to be able to still provide for their family.

Dog and Cat Meat Trade: A Ticking Time Bomb

Millions of animals, traded across borders, with unknown origins or health status. The dog and cat meat trade could be the cause of the next pandemic unless we stop it now.

FOUR PAWS shuts down dog meat slaughterhouse in Cambodia

A FOUR PAWS team, with the help of our local partners Animal Rescue Cambodia, has closed down a slaughterhouse in Cambodia, where two thousand dogs were killed every year. The moment when we took down the sign advertising "special meat" and replaced it with a "closed" banner at first seemed to be the emotional highlight of the day - but only until the owner started his speech. He thanked FOUR PAWS for making it possible for him to turn his back to the dog meat business, which he always hated but had to pursue to provide for his family. 


Anyone who has ever felt or even thought of the pain of losing a loved one knows that there is nothing quite as excruciating. Every pet owner's nightmare is waking up and finding that his/her beloved one has been taken. Across Southeast Asia, this is a reality for millions of dogs and cats that get stolen and killed for the dog and cat meat trade. Please support our campaign against this horrible crime 

Sopol & Neary

One happy story in times of the cruel #YulinFestival: As more footage emerges of the horrendous suffering taking place at the Yulin festival in China, we bring you the rescue story of dogs Neary and Sopol, who narrowly escaped death from a slaughterhouse in Cambodia. Thousands of dogs are killed every day in cities across Cambodia to supply the demand for dog meat, but luckily for Neary and Sopol, our team was able to rescue them from a brutal death.

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